Braemar Connect – Helping Students Build a Bright Future

Braemar Connect is an initiative of past Braemar students Heath Jamieson and Austin Van Groningen, developed to help you make decisions about your future.

Connecting you with life after school


Finishing school is both exciting and intimidating. After years spent hunched over textbooks, there’s suddenly no teachers, no homework and no bus ride with friends at the end of each day.

In their place are decisions. Difficult ones. Do I keep studying? Where should I work? Can I travel? Should I move away from home?

Good advice can be hard to come by. That’s where Braemar Connect comes in.

This website is designed to help you, as a senior Braemar student, with the decisions you’ll encounter after school. It works by displaying the profiles of past Braemarians – the Old Collegians – and what they learnt from their own personal journeys. Have a look at their stories, see what they decided to do and feel free to reach out to them over email. Perhaps you’ll learn something about the many decisions that lie ahead and how you’ll choose what to do after school.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 7.54.34 pm


Whether you’re comparing universities, tossing up between trades or saddling up for a worldwide travel adventure, you’ll find something of use here. Good luck.

– Heath Jamieson (2010) and Austin Van Groningen (2009)

Braemar Connect is now live and Heath and Austin have created on online form for any Old Collegians who would like to get involved. Please find the form here.

You’ll find the Braemar Connect website here.

For more information please contact Heath or Austin directly – Heath or Austin



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