Year 9 Maths Game Day

On Wednesday 2 September, eight Braemar College students competed in the Year 9 Maths Games Day, which was part of the National Maths Week.

IMG_0859We were driven by Mr Hanlon in a mini bus down to a school in Williamstown.

Down there, in a large hall there were teams of four people from every school, of which, there were upwards of thirty.

IMG_0860A programmable, dancing robot welcomed us to the day, and we then competed in an array of problem solving tasks. Solving maths problems as a team, and competing against opponents from other schools in strategy games was fun, and we all had a great time.

Cooper Little, our top performer, spoke for all of us when he said “The Maths Games Day experience was challenging, but very enjoyable.”

The level of competition on the day was very high, and we didn’t place in the top schools, but it was a good time nonetheless.
—James Holgate – Year 9


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