Braemar College Equestrian – Show Jumping

What a fabulous day out for the Braemar College Team and congratulations to all those that rode last weekend, and did a terrific job of representing the College.

As always students showed the type of sportsmanship that is required in a team event.

Congratulations to those that competed in their first Show Jumping Day, to those that pushed up the heights and those that brought out multiple mounts to make the day a sea of Braemar College show jumpers.

Overall the Braemar College Team finished a credible second place on 34 points behind the Assumption Team on 36.

Thank you to all the parents and helpers (some without riders) that assisted on Friday for set up and Saturday at the event.

We can’t run these events without your valuable input and the smooth and timely running of the day is due to the assistance you provided.

Many thanks from the Friends of Equestrian Committee .

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