Students Prepare for Nepal 2015

Our students have been training hard in preparation for their end of year Nepal trip.

CLo-ZDDVAAA9JaLHighlights of the twenty day trip include a trek to Kala Pattar (5545m) and Everest base camp (5360m).

CJ_Ksw7UMAAmFxMIt will also include three days of community service at the Ghat school. This Community Project is a wonderful opportunity to give something back to the Sherpa people of the region, and it’s a hands on way to help a community in need.

CLo-ZDQUYAAuBBvOur nineteen students have been hiking eight to ten kilometres every Wednesday night in difficult conditions. There has also been some Friday training, and students will attend a three day camp at Mount Buller in October.

Some of the training hikes have involved climbing steep inclines during snow and other adverse weather.

Students have risen to the challenge, and apart from building on their fitness for the trip, the training has also created great camaraderie.

On their hikes, students have been learning the benefits of consistent training, a positive team spirit and resilience.

By the time they set off at the end of the year they will be extremely well prepared.

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