Our Students Compete in OutLoud Poetry Competition

Four of our students recently competed in the Preliminary Finals for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival OutLoud Poetry Competition, held at the Wheeler’s Centre.

Since the first year of competition, the number of teams has grown from five to eighteen. We were billed as one of the ‘teams to watch out for’ having won the competition in 2012 and 2013.

Outloud 1 2015Meg Somers, Charlotte Twining, Anna Baeten and Jordan Poyser wrote a piece called ‘See No Evil’ based on the concept of the Three Wise Monkeys.

Their idea was to challenge the audience with the Western application of the trio who refuse to acknowledge the troubles of the world in the hope to make it all go away and rather to apply the Eastern concept of the monkeys who aim to improve the world by addressing and speaking positively to bring about change.  It was an  ambitious and complex idea.

Outloud 2 2015Their piece was written the week prior to competing, and they spent the morning choreographing and fine tuning the performance around the city in various public spaces such as outside Etihad stadium as people walked to work in the morning, in front of Town Hall and on the State Library Lawn.

They made some people stop in their tracks which was the aim of the piece.

Outloud 4 2015While the team did an amazing job memorising and collaborating in their performance, unfortunately, they didn’t make the finals.

But their poem was acknowledged by hip hop star, Mantra MC, and former state champion, Abe Nouk, as having some of the most lyrical images and the team was overjoyed with this.

Congratulations to the team and everyone involved. You can see them in action on Youtube.



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