Mars Mission Hopeful to Visit Braemar College

Australian Astronaut Candidate, Dianne McGrath is one of the last 100 people being considered to participate in the Mars One Mission, seeking to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 3.50.29 pmMore than 200,000 people applied to be involved in the mission, and the final 24 astronauts will be selected in 2016 to begin their 10-year training program.

On Monday 31 August Dianne McGrath will speak with Braemar College students in Years 5 to 9 about her application, why she wants to go and what it will mean if she is selected.

Dianne believes that the Mars One Mission will bring advancements in technology that could have enormous impact on life as we know it.

“The 60’s space race to the moon resulted in more phD applications than in any prior period of history. From such an event amazing technology came about that today most of the western world takes for granted.”

Dianne has completed multiple university degrees with a more recent focus on environmental engineering, environmental management and sustainable food systems. She is currently a sustainability consultant doing research at RMIT on food waste.

We are sure she will be an inspiration to our students.



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