Year 6 Multicultural Experience A Huge Success

Last Tuesday 18 August, our Year 6 students enjoyed a multicultural exploration of the city.

They started at Victoria Market, and visited many landmarks including  Chinatown, Hosier Lane, Flinders Street,  and The Block and Royal Arcades.

IMG_2848The excursion was linked to the Encounter topic for Term 3 – Immigration in the 20th Century.

The aim was for students to come away with an understanding of the cultural and historical significance of Melbourne and its links to multiculturalism.

IMG_0040 2Students also explored changes that have occurred through time due to multicultural  influences.

Each group devised a map and route to follow on the day, taking in buildings and places of significance. Students recorded notes and observations, and took photos.

IMG_0310 2Students were encouraged to try food from a different culture for lunch. Many of them  ate Mexican, dumplings, sushi, Indian and Italian.

The day was a huge success with students gaining many wonderful insights and enjoying tastes of other cultures.



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