Sequoia Weitman Competes for Victoria

Congratulations to Sequoia Weitman in Year 12 who has been selected to represent Victoria in the National Orienteering Championships in Ballarat later this year.

Sequoia  also represented the Victorian team in 2012 in Tasmania, 2013 in ACT, and 2014 in Western Australia.

IMG_7029To gain selection for the team this year, Sequoia had to compete in a number of key events, such as state series and the Victorian Secondary Schools Championships. The team was selected from competitors with the best overall performance.

Sequoia says, “With orienteering you can put in as little or as much training as you wish, but the teams coach and captains are good at organising weekend training after major events as well as training camps for the junior team. Training involves not only physical training, but mental training with navigation and using a compass.”

IMG_7027Sequoia enjoys the opportunities that orienteering give her to be with nature, and run in places that she wouldn’t otherwise know existed.

Each orienteering course brings different challenges for Sequoia.  She says, “Sometimes there are mental challenges when the map is very technical and I have to navigate to a boulder in a field filled with a thousand other boulders. And other times it’s the physical challenges, one minute I’ll be running down a hill, then find myself having to swim through a river, only to have to run up another hill drenched from head to toe.”

“Braemar has supported my interest in orienteering thorough it’s House Orienteering program, and allowing me to compete at the Victorian Orienteering Championships both in mountain bike and foot orienteering. I also had the privilege of being the Orienteering captain last year.”

Sequoia is excited to be selected for the team. “Competing at National orienteering is always a lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to meet and make friends with others from interstate, as well as New Zealand who joins in the competition.”

We wish Sequoia all the very best with the National competition.


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