Oliver Spencer – Changing the World One Ice Cream At a Time

After the hugely successful launch of his fundraiser, Ice Cream Day in 2013, Braemar College student, Oliver Spencer has plans to make this event even bigger and better this year.

Ice Cream Day 2014, Photo: Ice Cream Day

Ice Cream Day 2014, Photo: Ice Cream Day

Oliver recently went to Sydney to meet with Unilever to secure ongoing funding for Ice Cream Day, now in its third year.

Oliver established Ice Cream Day in 2013, after his friend Reuben who had been diagnosed with leukaemia, became involved with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and Oliver was inspired to raise money for them.

Last year nearly $15,000 was raised over 26 schools.

This year, Streets is sponsoring Ice Creams for 100 Schools, and will deliver ice creams to schools that sign up, and have suitable freezer space. Schools can then sell the ice creams with proceeds going to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Oliver’s target this year is to raise between $25,000 and $50,000.

Braemar College is a strong supporter of the event again this year.  We congratulate Oliver on his wonderful endeavour, and hope that he exceeds all his fundraising targets.

Ice Cream Day will take place in October this year. Oliver’s plan is to ‘Change the world one ice cream at a time’.

More about Ice Cream Day can be found on their website.




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