Power Chords The Musical – On Next Week! Don’t Miss Out!

Power Chords, the 2015 College Musical starts next week.

Here are pics from the weekend’s Dress Rehearsal. Power Chords promises to be a great show.


Showcasing the musical, dramatic, dancing and artistic talents of more than 80 of our students, it’s going to be a feast of music and colour.

DSC_0263Power Chords is on for three performances only and starts next Friday.

So don’t miss out! Book your tickets here today!


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 3.06.54 pm

Power Chords tells the story of a not so talented band who begin performing in their garage but don’t know what their sound is. They go on an adventure of self-discovery, guided by a number of gurus who specialise in different genres, in the hopes of finding their sound so that they can compete in the Battle of the Bands competition. Along the way, however, they come across an evil girl band, who threaten to jeopardise their chances of triumph. By the end of the competition, it is clear that there can be only one winner…But who will it be?

Heyward Hall
Braemar College
1499 Mt Macedon Road
Woodend Victoria 3441

Bookings can be made through Trybooking.
Please book here.


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