Power Chords Snapshot – Stephen Scanlin Year 11

Power Chords, the 2015 Braemar College Musical has been written by students, and many of our students have taken on leadership roles in the production.

The story is about a band on a journey to discover their sound, become great and win battle of the bands. They are competing against an ‘evil’ rival band who are about to sabotage their efforts.

We interviewed a number of students involved in the production. Today, Stephen Scanlin in Year 11 takes time out to chat with us.

Scanlin, StephenWhat have you enjoyed most about being in the College Musical?

Learning all the dances. They were hard at first, but became easy and fun.

What is your favourite song/dance in the Musical and why?

Techno, for two reasons. It looks amazing and I don’t have to do it.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

Learning all the lines and songs as they require you to sing while dancing and the lines. Though I have few, I have trouble recalling them.

Why should people come and see Power Chords?

It has required a lot of sacrifices and a lot of time. It is also the work proudly produced by the students for their parents to show their singing, dancing and acting abilities.

Heyward Hall
Braemar College
1499 Mt Macedon Road
Woodend Victoria 3441

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 3.06.54 pmBookings:

Bookings can be made through Trybooking.
Please book here.


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