Braemar College – Young Taekwondo Champion to Compete at National Titles

Congratulations to Year 6 student Jack Repka who recently won gold and bronze in the 12 to 14 age group at the State Taekwondo Championships.

He received a gold medal in the pairs and a bronze in his individual competition, and will now go on to compete at the National Titles in Adelaide in October.

Repka, JackJack who is a red belt is aiming to go as far as he can with his sport. He has his sights set on attaining his black belt and competing at the World Championships one day.

Jack has been doing Taekwondo for just eighteen months, and attends Gisborne Taekwondo three times a week, practicing three to four hours.

He clearly loves his sport and says, “Competitions are fun.”

According to Jack, the hardest part is, “learning the things you need to do for the different forms, but once you get the hang of it that’s when you try to perfect it.”

He says, “It’s not easy. You do have to practice, but it’s fun.”

For people interested in taking up the sport, Jack’s advice is “Try your hardest and stay focussesd.”

We wish Jack all the very best for the competition in Adelaide and for his future Taekwondo endeavours.


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