Power Chords Snapshot – Georgie Speed Year 7

Power Chords, the 2015 Braemar College Musical has been written by students, and many of our students have taken on leadership roles in the production.

The story is about a band on a journey to discover their sound, become great and win battle of the bands. They are competing against an ‘evil’ rival band who are about to sabotage their efforts.

We interviewed a number of students involved in the production. Today, Georgie Speed in Year 7 takes time out to chat with us.

Speed, GeorginaWhat have you enjoyed most about being in the College Musical?

The fact that many of the songs are good and I already knew the words to many of them.

What is your favourite song/dance in the Musical and why?

Helicopter is my favourite song in the Musical because I love techno music and the dance is fun when I get it right.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

Remembering the dance moves has been a challenge because I don’t dance and I don’t have a very good memory for that type of stuff.

Why should people come and see Power Chords?

We gave put a lot of time and effort into rehearsals each Thursday so it looks good and sounds good.

Heyward Hall
Braemar College
1499 Mt Macedon Road
Woodend Victoria 3441

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 3.06.54 pmBookings:

Bookings can be made through Trybooking.
Please book here.


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