Power Chords Snapshot – Amber Hemmes Year 12

Power Chords, the 2015 Braemar College Musical has been written by students, and many of our students have taken on leadership roles in the production.

The story is about a band on a journey to discover their sound, become great and win battle of the bands. They are competing against an ‘evil’ rival band who are about to sabotage their efforts.

We interviewed a number of students involved in the production. Today, Amber Hemmes in Year 12 takes time out to chat with us.

Hemmes, AmberWhat have you enjoyed most about being in the College Musical?

Although I am not in the cast, I have really loved having the opportunity to help with vocal coaching as I would like to pursue teaching as a career. It has been great to share my passion for music with the students and it has been a privilege to watch their progress week to week.

What is your favourite song/dance in the Musical and why?

My favourite song in the Musical is The Longest Time as I absolutely  love the harmonies and the overall genius of the song.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge for me has been taking on a teaching role as a student myself. At times it has been difficult to get the attention of the students and to act with more confidence and authority. As a result of this my belief in my own abilities has increased, and this has benefited my other musical endeavours in VCE and beyond.

Why should people come and see Power Chords?

People should come and see Power Chords not just because of the huge amount of time that has been invested in it, but for an entertaining, witty and all round fabulous show.

Heyward Hall
Braemar College
1499 Mt Macedon Road
Woodend Victoria 3441

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 3.06.54 pmBookings:

Bookings can be made through Trybooking.
Please book here.


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