Braemar College – Year 8 PACE

As part of the Year 8 PACE program, students have been involved in a number of activities.

IMG_0167The Live 4 Life Program focusing on youth mental health has educated our students on mental health issues faced by young people.

IMG_0174It has also covered strategies on how to improve mental health and wellbeing, and provided information about community facilities that are available in the local area and at Braemar College to access information and treatment.

Students have been “living for life” too.

Gisborne Taikwondo Club has provided self defence classes aimed at supplying our students with information and skills to protect themesleves in unsafe situations.

IMG_0176IMG_0237Students have also been involved in boxercise classes for fitness, and have been walking the trails of the Macedon Ranges.

Today at Sanatorium Lake, students found a hollow tree that managed to fit 19 of them inside it. Wombats and echidnas were out and about in the sunshine too.

IMG_0239Thank you to parents  Keli Webber, Rachael McLindan, Emma Brown, Sue Hayes and Sue Hughes who have attended and joined in with the activities.

Spare Tile Donations Would be Appreciated

The Year 8’s will be putting together a mosaic wall mural based on the Live 4 Life theme, “Speak up and speak out”.

We need ceramic tiles to use as part of the mural.

If you have old bathroom or kitchen tiles at home in the garage that you could donate towards the cause we would greatly appreciate your contribution.

For more information contact Leanne Little, Year 8 Level Leader.


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