Staff Spotlight – Donna Hobbs

Executive Assistant to the Principal, Donna Hobbs has been at Braemar College for ten years and one of the things she enjoys most is seeing the development of young people as they move through the school.Staff Spotlight

HOBDODonna says, “I love seeing student’s personalities, confidence and talents emerge as they develop into young adulthood.”

A Year 5 and 6 teacher for five years, Donna moved into the role of Director of Community Relations and Development, capitalising on the marketing and advertising experience she’d gained prior to studying teaching.

Donna has been in her present position for around four years. Her role is to support the Principal, coordinate his busy schedule, manage correspondence, organise staff events, report communications and handle staff, student and parent enquiries. Her natural interest in education gives her role more meaning.

She loves that her job has so much variety. Donna says, “I decided to make the switch from teaching because I was interested in learning about the administration and management of a school, but I love working with young people so I wanted to stay within a school environment.”

Born in South Africa, Donna enjoyed visiting relatives in the countryside as a child. She always associated the countryside with peace and wanted to live in a rural environment.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.59.41 amDonna loves being surrounded by nature, by animals and open spaces, and this is one of the things that drew her to Braemar.

Donna believes that Braemar College stands out from other schools she’s worked at because apart from the ” stunning environment”, the College embraces technology that not only improves efficiency, but also inspires creativity amongst students and staff.

She says, “Braemar provides a very pleasant work environment in terms of staff and students you interact with on a daily basis.”

“Students here are genuinely cared for. There’s a genuine interest in the individual and their wellbeing. Braemar College doesn’t take anything for granted, and we are always looking for new ways to nurture the success and happiness of our students.”

_DSC1894Outside of work, Donna has many interests. She loves spending time in her rustic native garden. Donna is also an avid reader and is currently writing her first novel.

One of the other things closest to her heart is animal welfare, and Donna is a keen animal lover. She currently has three dogs and three donkeys and intends to add to her canine family before the end of the year.

DSC_3827Currently, Pavarotti and the two miniature donkeys are purely pets, but Donna says that they’re also great for eating gorse and have completely cleared her property of it. Pavarotti has been trained for a cart, and Donna hopes to get a trap of her own one day.

In the past, Donna has bred dogs and competed with them in obedience trials, and she plans to do more of this in the future.

Donna loves travelling and has been to South East Asia a number of times. She regularly returns to Southern Africa to visit family and friends, but is always happy to return to her home in the Macedon Ranges.



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