Braemar College – Middle School Language and Culture Day This Friday – You’re Invited!

Parents of students studying a language at any level are invited to attend the closing session of our Language and Culture Day.

Date:                         Friday 17 July 2015

Time:                        2:10-3:30

Location:                 Heyward Hall

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.53.57 amWHY WE WOULD LOVE YOU TO ATTEND

The aim of the Language and Culture Day is to expose students to a range of cultural activities related to the two languages studied at Braemar College: Indonesian and French.

During the closing session, a number of students will perform songs or dances learnt throughout the day and you will be able to see student art work displayed.

We will have the pleasure of hearing two guest speakers, Alison Hardacre, Managing Director of HealthKit, and Miriam Saward from Monash University, discussing the benefits of studying a language and how this has helped them in their careers. We encourage you to join us for this discussion.

If you cannot join us on the day, please look out for information about our speakers on the college blog and/or visit our collection of resources regarding Language Learning at

With students from Year 7 onwards soon making decisions about their language and subject selections for next year, this is a timely opportunity to gather information to help your son or daughter in their decision making.

You are welcome to contact Ms Rebecca Gregory, Language Learning Area Leader for further Information.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 8.57.09 am

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