Staff Spotlight – Doug Colwell

Doug Colwell, Campus Sport Coordinator, is passionate about sport and encouraging students to be active. 


COLDOHe spent every day of his youth running, jumping, kicking and being active, and sport has been an integral part of his life ever since.

Doug has been with Braemar College for 6 years and teaches Year 9 science and PE, and Year 11 Health. He loves teaching PE, but says it’s good to have the variety and structure of the other subjects.

The things he loves most about teaching at Braemar College are working with great students, and the opportunities the College provides to take students to places like New Zealand and Nepal. He enjoys the community aspect of Braemar College and the real life approach to learning.

Braemar College Nepal Trip

Braemar College Nepal Trip

As Campus Sport Coordinator, Doug’s role has been to implement a program that encourages students to participate in sport regardless of their skill levels.

At Lilla

At Lilla

He provides opportunities for students to enjoy being with their peers, playing sport and keeping active while at the same time developing their skills.

Doug manages the Year 5 to 10 House based program, and enjoys seeing how House sports develop teamwork and really motivate students to work through challenges and do their best for their House.

He works with Head of Sport, Matt Ellis to provide a number of after school development programs in athletics, swimming and cross country.

Doug’s Physical Education programs involve skills development, tactic planning, general health, wellbeing and fitness.

He is passionate about PE and seeing students active. As part of the Active April program, Year 7 students logged 4000 hours of activity for the month.


Always an active kid himself, Doug was involved in junior football and cricket. He spent his teenage years playing TAC Cup competition for the Western Jets.

Doug spend every day of his life involved in some physical activity, and today he has a passion for golf.

One of the things he loves about his role at Braemar College is that he sees the opportunities sport can provide for young people.

He says, “Sport has the potential to inspire, motivate, create lifelong friendships and build confidence.”




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