Braemar Drum & Percussion Tutor Takes Music to Ethiopia

As a drummer and drum teacher, Andrew Horneman performs for a wide range of people, and he loves to see students grow and develop their love for learning and playing the drums.

In July this year he will travel to Ethiopia with World Vision artist, Levi McGrath.

Andrew HornemanA focus of this trip will be to highlight the issue of street children in the capital Addis Ababa where the UN estimates that over 100,000 children are homeless and living on the streets.

Andrew will also meet his sponsor child in the north of the country and see how World Vision has made a difference there with the money raised from the most recent 40hr Famine campaign.

It has been six years since Levi returned from working with former child soldiers in Uganda, and his resulting critically acclaimed album, Children of War, was released  – spreading the message of rescuing child victims of war and exploitation.

Reflecting on the success of this album, Levi says, “Children of War has resonated with listeners and audiences in such a powerful way, and I feel it is now time to highlight another global issue close to my heart through my music. Having worked with Melbourne’s homeless community for nearly seven years I feel a deep compassion for people in this situation. Meeting these children firsthand will be heartbreaking.”

This trip coincides with a national tour in support of Levi’s 2015 album release ‘Come Home’ kicking off when the musicians return. Their aim is to capture the essence of their experiences in Ethiopia in new music to share with audiences all across Australia.

Andrew and Levi are fundraising to purchase musical instruments to benefit street kids in Ethiopia – giving them a chance to play, learn and grow through the joy of music.

To donate now, go to: or Facebook: Andy Horneman Music

Thank you for partnering with us for change in our world.
                                                                                 Andrew Horneman


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