Braemar College Musician Features in Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

For the second year in a row, one of our Braemar College musicians has been invited to play with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Congratulations to Laura Mansted who had the huge honour of playing in the first violin section of the MSO Schools Project.

Laura 1During the evening the conductor talked to the audience about the project, and he asked Laura to stand and speak about the rehearsals/performance and the whole experience.

She did a wonderful job being interviewed by the conductor and telling the audience what it was like to be involved, and to have been given the music scores just two weeks ago.

The three composers, Liszt, Kabalevesky (5 short movements – very Russian) and the Johann Strauss Thunder and Lightning Waltz were beautifully played.

Year 11 and 12 Music students travelled to Melbourne to watch Laura perform.

It was a fantastic experience for Laura’s classmates to see her playing in the orchestra and they were very excited to witness this performance.

Some students were seeing it for the first time and were madly discussing their favourite pieces after the concert.  The evening was enjoyed by all.


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