Braemar College – Music @ The Mount Workshop

Last Friday, Braemar College hosted the inaugural Music@The Mount Workshop, and it was an inspiring day for all who attended.

11008511_10155590540790594_7362985973338633857_nAround 70 musicians from Sacred Heart College, and Southern Cross Grammar joined Braemar College Year 5 to 12 students for a day of great participation and entertainment.

10687132_10155590540490594_2090902809443712828_nAll up, we had a band of over 100 members including instrumentalists, strings, vocalists, guitarists, percussionists and keyboardists.

1488096_10155590540400594_3029854272014689808_nIt was a fabulous opportunity for students to collaborate with likeminded musicians, and be inspired by the talents and dedication of others.

11119147_10155590539590594_8950133105698117006_nThe group worked on five pieces through the day and performed for a small audience of middle school and invited parents at the end of the event.

11255833_10155590539480594_5495945104718718000_nAfter the success of this year’s Music@The Mount, we are looking to expand the program in 2016.

11144072_10155590540890594_183673776756181146_nInterest has already been expressed by other Sunbury, Gisborne and Kyneton schools who were unable to participate this year. We are also planning a possible evening concert where all schools can participate, and the joint ensemble will get together to wrap up the program.11295803_10155590539830594_1892293272475068536_n


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