College Ball 2015

Last Saturday Night, the 2015 Year 11 College Ball was held at Melrose, Melbourne and was enjoyed by all who attended.

Preparing for the College Ball

Preparing for the College Ball

Forty- two Debutantes and their partners were presented to the official party consisting of Mr David Howard, Ms Susan Campbell, Mr Russell Deer and Ms Jane Goddard.

2015-05-16 20.38.01

Mrs Dianne Boustead was Master of Ceremonies, and students were presented by Year level leader, Mr Don Moran.

The Boy's Dance

The Boy’s Dance

Students displayed impressive dance skills, performing the Jive, Viennese Waltz, Pasa Doble and Cha Cha. They have been practising since the start of the year under the expert tuition of Dance Instructors, Mr Andrew and Mrs Gayle Elliott.

2015-05-16 20.46.122015-05-16 20.40.282015-05-16 20.31.422015-05-16 20.54.462015-05-16 20.35.31



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