Year 8 Immigration and Urbanisation Excursion

As part of the Year 8 current Encounter study involving Migration and Urbanisation, students visited the Southbank precinct of the city in order to study how urbanisation has affected Melbourne.

IMG_4849IMG_4850IMG_4855Students walked around the area completing research tasks on the liveability of the Southbank and north banks of the Yarra River.

IMG_4831They also had the opportunity to visit the Immigration Museum, and completed the Sandridge Bridge Immigration Walk to gather information for the assessment portfolio they are currently completing in class.

IMG_4835The highlight of the day was to place an old Braemar lock on the walk bridge across the Yarra.

IMG_4839Many of the students took the opportunity to attach Anzac tributes to their locks for the 100 year Anzac celebration.

IMG_4844The day was well supported by Year 8 parents, some with their own immigration stories that they shared with students.IMG_4847


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