Top Acts Showcase Concert Inspires Our Students

Last week, Braemar College VCE music students attended the VCAA Top Acts Showcase Concert featuring the State’s top VCE music students from last year.

They drew a great deal from the experience, and Amber Akkurt has written an account of how much the concert inspired her.

Top Acts 2015
by Amber Akkurt

On the Friday 1 May a small group of Year 11 and 12 students including myself were lucky enough to attend the Top Acts 2015 Showcase Concert. The Top Acts Showcase is a yearly performance which includes some of the top scorers in VCE performance from the year before. This year it included a number of actors, dancers, bands, singers and other solo musicians, all of whom were exceptionally talented.

I personally, as a student in Year 11 who is a classical singer and one day wants to perform professionally, found the performances to be incredibly inspirational, and I would go as far as to say that it was one of the best performances I have ever attended.

As I watched and listened, in almost every single act I caught myself feeling as if each performer was the only person in the room. It is hard to communicate that feeling, as though they are simply inviting you to watch. It is a cliché saying, but they really did make what they were doing look easy!

This is what I am going to take away from my experience. I am going to strive to make an audience feel the way they made me feel. I want people to forget themselves in the music and the performance, to get taken to another place where self-awareness does not exist, and you become purely an observer. That is, after all, the aim of art in all its forms.


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