Why Our Senior School Students Loved Exeat Week

Our senior school students enjoyed a fun filled Exeat Week late last term, travelling all over Victoria on a mix of cultural, community service, art, lifestyle, personal development and recreation camps.

FB_IMG_1427508740846Here they share their  experiences.

The Exeat Week program provided me with the opportunity to have a break from the intensive nature of a Year 12 classroom, whilst also allowing me to spend time with friends in a completely different environment.  I also found the University visits to be beneficial as it provided me with greater insight into where I would like to study in the future. 
Phil Durston – Year 12
IMG_0454The Art Camp was a great experience and I leant many new concepts. My favourite part of the camp was going for hikes around Lorne. This gave me the opportunity to take lots and photos and fully capture the experience of art camp. 
Andrew Hardy – Year 11 (Andrew shares his beautiful photos below).IMG_0446IMG_0450IMG_0455IMG_0451
image1My favourite part of the camp was learning how to perform water rescues using surfboards and learn to skills needed to become a lifesaver. Another good part was being able to learn to carry a patient out of the water and perform resuscitation and apply defibrillation.
Aaron Williamson
The year 11 art camp held in the blissful beach side town of Lorne taught us to really open our minds and stretch our internal boundaries to see art in a whole different way and from other people’s point of views. They left the very best to last when on the way home we visited an abandoned powerhouse that had become local street artists collaborative canvas. The relaxed atmosphere and shared love of art encouraged us to extend beyond simple obviousness to hidden meaning and beyond.  
Erin Barr – Year 11
My favourite part of the Year 12 Exeat program was playing basketball with RMIT students during our visit to the university. Well everyone else went off on a scavenger hunt, my friends and I were lucky enough to be invited to play basketball with some of the students. It was a great experience as everyone felt a real sense of belonging and it was nice to be included in that sort of way seeing as we weren’t members of the university.
Conor Dimasi – Year 12
I was always excited about being the 2015 Musical Costume Designer. Being able to design the costumes of all the characters throughout the week was an amazing experience and now I cannot wait to see them come to life. 
Miriam Hall – Year 11 – College Musical Camp
My favorite part of the experience was how insightful it was. It was amazing to be able to look into someone else’s world for a week, and see what it is like on the “other side”. I loved helping the underprivileged children at the local school and sorting through clothes to go to op shops, as it made me feel like I was really doing something to help the community. The experience as a whole was somewhat overwhelming, especially when hearing the stories of some of the homeless people, but it was also so rewarding and I had the best time. 
Emily Holgate – Year 11 – Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Service Camp
We would like to thank all the parents, staff and students involved in our Exeat Week Program for your help in making it such a success.

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