2015 College Musical “Power Chords” Rehearsals

2015 College Musical “Power Chords” Parent Information

Casting has now been finalised and rehearsals are underway.

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some information about the rehearsals, performances and the commitment required by your child.


  • Rehearsals will be on Thursdays after school at 3.45pm – 6pm. Students were provided with a rehearsal schedule at the first rehearsal so they know when they will be required. Everybody will not be needed at all rehearsals. There will also be smaller group rehearsals for leads and specialty dancers at lunchtimes.
  • During performance week there are 3 compulsory rehearsals for all cast, crew and band –

Sunday afternoon rehearsal on August 9, 12pm – 4pm                

Dress Rehearsals will be Tuesday 11 August and Wednesday 12 August, 4pm – 8pm.

If students miss three rehearsals without a reason, the student will be called to a meeting and may be asked to leave the cast.


A limited late bus service to Sunbury will run on Thursday afternoons following the timetable below:

Departs Braemar –  6.00pm

Woodend – Commonwealth Bank – 6.10pm

Macedon – Caravan Park – 6.20pm

Gisborne- Opposite Gardiner’s Garage – 6.30pm

Riddells Creek- Poulton’s Garage – 6.40pm

Sunbury- Aldridge Drive – 7.00pm

Sunbury- Railway Station (Brook Street) – 7.05pm

The exception to this is Thursday 16 April. Due to parent teacher interviews, rehearsal will be 3.00pm – 5.00pm in Tyler Hall and the late bus will leave Braemar at 5.00pm instead of 6.00pm.


Performances and rehearsals will be held in Heyward Hall:

Friday 14 August at 7.30pm (6.00pm call for cast, crew and band)

Saturday 15 August at 7.30pm (6.00pm call for cast, crew and band)

Sunday 16 August at 2pm (12.30pm call for cast, crew and band).

Students must be available for all dress rehearsals and performances to be part of the cast, crew and band.


There will be a number of purchases you may need to make for make-up and costume purposes such as mascara, underwear, stockings etc. You will be notified well in advance of the requirements.

We are very much looking forward to your support.

Kind regards

Julie Paice
Production Coordinator

Wade Dinning
Musical Director


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