Year 12 Student Shaves For a Good Cause

Year 12 Braemar College student, Samantha Clay bravely shaved her head last week in the name of Leukaemia Research.


Samantha’s grandmother, Selma and her father joined the fundraising effort, and The Clay Clan has already raised more than $13,000, not including their  Casual Clothes’ fundraiser at the College last week.

image1Samantha says,

This has been something that I have always really wanted to do, and a friend inspired me to do it. Fortunately I have never had any family members or close friends who have passed away from Leukaemia, however I believe that it is a terrible disease nonetheless. So, I decided to “be brave and shave”. After all, I am so lucky to have the option to shave my hair.  Some people have that choice taken away from them.

To help me, Selma decided she would join me and drag my dad in as well. I think it has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life and I couldn’t have done it without them. 

image2Samantha donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children who have sadly lost their hair due to cancer.

image4The Clay Clan‘s original goal was $6,000. When they beat that, they decided to raise the stakes to $10,000 and they managed to beat that too!!!
image5You can sponsor Samantha and her family by going online to the following link and clicking ‘sponsor’:

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