Braemar College – Equestrian Victory

Recently, twelve students from the Braemar equestrian team competed at the Geelong Grammar Dressage Day held at their Corio campus.

It was a very successful day with Braemar taking out the overall school championship by one point to Geelong Grammar!

There was a great team spirit and we achieved outstanding results:


Jessica Martin 7th overall

Primary Preliminary

Harry Luxmore 1st and 2nd overall on two different ponies (overall champion)

Eliza Cowburn 6th overall

Secondary Preliminary

Lucy Stuart (overall champion)

Stella Hemmingway 18th overall

Lily Cowburn 8th overall

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.26.19 pm

Secondary Novice

Amy Fitzgerald 4th overall

Nicola Fitzgerald 3rd overall

Jayde Kirkham 16th overall


Abby Martin (overall champion)

Isabelle Luxmore 4th overall


Lilly Stern 6th overall

Congratulations to all riders and thank-you to all the parents for their support and taking everyone to the comp!


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