Braemar College is holding an ANZAC Day writing competition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC Campaign.

The competition is open to all students at Braemar College.


Prizes will be awarded in year level groups.

Prizes provided by the Braemar College Parents & Friends Association.

$75.00 Coles Myer Gift Card

$50.00 Coles Myer Gift Card

Winners and Runners up for each Year grouping.

Other categories may be awarded. Encouragement or Best historical research.


An original piece of writing inspired by the first ANZAC Day based on the stimulus material provided. One or more photographs must be used.

Years 5-8

Look at the photographs. Imagine you are a person in the photograph/s. Tell your story. Recount personal experience based around the photographs. The point of view should be of ANZAC participant or family member.

Style: Could be a diary or letter. It must be a personal recounting or the ANZAC experience. Written as it is happening or immediately after events in the photograph/s. Explore the experience.

Years 9-12

Imagine you are a person in one or more of the photographs. You are looking at the photographs. It is fifty years since the photographs were taken. What does the ANZAC experience mean to you now? What are your memories of the war?


  • Language needs to reflect the cultural context and the impact of time
  • Moving between current and past state

Style: Reflective personal recounting of the ANZAC experience.

Submission Guidelines

Entries must include student’s name and year level. Title of writing piece. Entries must be typed and printed out on A4 paper. 12 point font, 1.5 spaced, single sided, with pages numbered and securely fastened. Entries must be lodged in the competition box in the MNIRC.

* * The competition entry form must be filled out and attached to the top of the entry. * *

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.00.20 pm

Word count for each Year Level:

Year 5-6   200 – 300 words

Year 7-8   300 – 400 words

Year 9-10  400 – 600 words

Year 11-12  600 – 800 words

Competition Closes

Entries close deadline Thursday 12th March 2.10pm

What the judges are looking for

The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Judges are looking for:

  • voice of the ANZAC experience
  • authentic voice
  • establishment of character
  • Inclusion of accurate historical detail
  • Accuracy – Spelling, grammar
  • Proof of editing
  • Reader Engagement – Vocabulary choice, structured features, hook at the beginning, punch at the end.


Results will be announced at Braemar College.

Prizes will be presented at a Principal’s Assembly.

Winning entries will be published by Braemar College.


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