Hong Kong Success for Braemar College Dancers

Over the summer holidays, Caitlin Bush in Year 12 and Madison Galea in Year 7, and twenty-three other young dancers from around Melbourne travelled to Hong Kong to take part in the International Dance Organisation’s Asian Cup.

Caitlyn Bush gives her account of the trip:

The team began rehearsing halfway through last year, every second Sunday for four hours.

FullSizeRender 3

Madison Galea

After many months of practices, and two full days of boot camp, the team found themselves on a plane, making the ten hour trip to Hong Kong. The trip itself was amazing, and the team had the chance to dance almost every day, including at The Avenue of the Stars, Ocean park, and we even performed at Disneyland as the pre-parade.

We were all amazed at how we were treated in Hong Kong, which was like rockstars, with everyone who watched wanting to take photos either of or with us, and in Disney we even had an escort and security guards.

IMG_3499 3The competition itself was a very strange event for a lot of us as it was not like any that we had been to. It started with Latin solos and duos before moving into the more commercial dance styles. All the solo dances were completely improvised with up to as many as 15 dancers on the stage at once.

However AustrIMG_3610alia came out of the competition very successful, with many firsts, seconds and thirds in the solos.

The troupes were also successful, with team winning the Ballet sections and Hip Hop, and coming second in Jazz. Overall, Australia received enough points to place us second behind Japan. This is an amazing result, and it means that the IDO team will now be continuing onto the World Championships near the end of November.

This of course means that there will be many more hours of intense rehearsals, but the whole team is very excited to be on their way to the Worlds.

Caitlin Bush
Year 12

Congratulations to Caitlin and Madi. We wish them all the best with the World Championships in November.

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