Swimming Sports on Wednesday – Altered Bus Timetable

Further to the information provided last week about the House Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 11 February, please note the altered bus timetables for that date:

Ashbourne      https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Ashbourne.pdf

Gisborne 1      https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Gisborne_1.pdf

Gisborne 2      https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Gisborne_2.pdf

Gisborne 3      https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Gisborne_3.pdf

Kyneton          https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Kyneton.pdf

Lancefield       https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Lancefield.pdf

Mt Macedon   https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Mt_Macedon.pdf

Riddells Crk    https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Riddells%20Creek.pdf

Romsey          https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Romsey.pdf

Sth Gisborne  https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Gisborne_South.pdf

Sunbury 1       https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Sunbury_1.pdf

Sunbury 2       https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Sunbury_2.pdf

Sunbury 3       https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Sunbury_3.pdf

Woodend        https://home.braemar.vic.edu.au/pub/2015/Woodend.pdf




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