On 20 September, a group of 26 Braemar College students and staff headed off to Cambodia, aiming to see ancient Angkor Wat and work with the people of Treak Village.

Designed to offer a service opportunity to Year 10 students, the trip is part of Braemar College’s Community Service Program, and involves three days of voluntary work at a local school and in a Sun Bear rehabilitation centre. Students will undertake a series of hard physical tasks to improve conditions for the students at the village. The program allows students to complete components of their Duke of Edinburgh award.

Courtesy Google Maps

Courtesy Google Maps


The water buffalo still forms a significant part to the faming process in the local villages.


The temples at Angkor Wat were amazing.

DSC_0342 The Buddhist Monks were visible in the markets, by the road sides and at the temples.



Robyn Brentnall will provide reports via iPadio. You can listen to iPadio updates by clicking on the links below.

Please note that due to signal availability and weather conditions, it might not be possible to provide a new broadcast daily, but we will attempt bring the reports to you as soon as they become available.

Listen to iPadio broadcasts from Robyn and the students by clicking on the links below:

Siem Reap Cambodia iPadio 6

Siem Reap Cambodia iPadio 5

Siem Reap Cambodia iPadio 4 Treak Community Centre

Siem Reap Cambodia iPadio 3 Treak Community Centre

Siem Reap Cambodia iPadio 2 Treak Community Centre

Siem Reap Cambodia iPadio 1 Arrival and temples



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