Year 9 City Week – Queen Victoria Market

The Victoria Market was exciting and something totally different to everything else the Year 9’s did on City Week.

Instead of wandering around the streets of Melbourne’s CBD like headless chooks, we had a challenge; the Feed Me Food challenge at the Victoria Market.

DSCF4096The Feed Me Food challenge was a task set for all the Year 9’s in their city week groups.

We had to race around the market for half an hour and find food from all different countries to make our lunch.

DSCF4098The meal that each group created was then judged on the amount of countries that contributed to their dish, and how creative their idea was.

However all the groups coincidentally ended up with the same meal, a Turkish bread roll from “Turkey” filled with, Tzatziki dip from “Greece”, salami from “Hungry”, some tomatoes from “Australia” and lettuce from whereever you could make up on the spot to tell the judges.

In the end no one won the block of chocolate prize for most creative meal.

Overall everyone enjoyed themselves, and the Turkish bread rolls were actually very nice even if no one got the chocolate.

By Sarah Evans – Year 9

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