Year 10 Work Experience –

I chose to do my work experience at Kyneton Electrics because one of my career interests is to become an electrician.

Lowe, DanielDuring my experience at Kyneton Electrics, I was lucky enough to do a bit of everything. I helped and learnt how to fit off junction boxes, run cables, fit lights, light switches and power points and install heaters.

I enjoyed the opportunity to see everything an electrician does and also learn how to install and fit all things electrical.

The thing that I found most challenging was stripping the wires without breaking them.

This work experience helped me see that I like the electrical work, but I would like to work more in a group environment with a few more people and with a bit less travel each day.

It has helped me to make decisions about my future because I was never quite sure if I wanted to go into the electrical side of work and exactly everything it involved.

It also showed me that most electricians seem to work either by themselves, or with only one other, and there’s always somewhere different and there’s a lot of driving from one location and to the next.

Daniel Lowe – Year 10

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