Year 9 City Week – Sky High on the Eureka

On our City Week trip, the Year 9’s ventured off to the Eureka Sky Deck one night after dinner at Southbank.

It was a long walk to get there since Ms Scobel and Mrs Fritz decided it was a good idea to make us walk in a circle around Southbank to fill in time. But once we all got there you could see the nerves starting to settle in some students faces.

photo 1The ride up the elevator took seconds and made everyone’s ears pop. Once up the top the view was breathtaking. The students all wandered around the glass windows speculating on the wonders of Melbourne.

Once it came time the people who decided to go on the glass edge took their turns in groups to go into the thick transparent box that slid out into thin air.

photo 2Each group had to have at least one teacher with them, and the groups that had Ms Scobel got quite a shock when she lay down on the floor and looked straight down from the 88th floor to the ground way below.

The Eureka Tower took around four years to build and its creators have truly made a masterpiece in architecture. The Eureka Sky Deck was a great experience, and all the year nines enjoyed the adventure of it.

By Sarah Evans – Year 9


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