Year 10 Work Experience – Kyle Boschen

Boschen, KyleI chose to do my work experience at Engineers Without Borders (EWB) after my brother told me he had heard they had a position available (we were both looking around and giving each other ideas of where we could go as we share a lot of interests).

During my work experience I helped organise an upcoming event by putting together a list of all the people who were to be invited and finding their contact details. I also helped plan out a school workshop that involved using a raspberry Pi (a very compact and basic computer) to create a distress beacon that flashed morse code (via an LED light), used a GPS to find where it was, and broadcast that location on a radio frequency. I attended a meeting discussing strategies and outcomes for the next three years and helped do some maintenance on the EWB website as well as other smaller tasks.

The thing I enjoyed most was using the raspberry Pi and learning to code some different functions. This involved about an hour of setting up and actually writing the code (with the help of a friend of one of the EWB staff)

imageOne of the most challenging things for me was being able to effectively communicate with the other people in the office and self direct myself as at any one time I could be working on a few tasks for a few different people who then needed all of their information to be organised or put together.

As for whether this helped me make any specific career decisions, I don’t think it did. However I was able to gain a better understanding of what it would be like to work in an office environment, as it turned out, this was very different from my original expectations.

Having the experience did change my career perspective in the way that it opened up a whole lot of more office related jobs that I always looked at with a sort of negative view. I always said “I don’t want to ever work In an office job” but really, it wasn’t bad at all.

Kyle Böschen
Year 10


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