Braemar College Music Teacher on Tour – Raleigh Williams Update

Braemar College Music Teacher, Raleigh Williams is currently touring Western Australia with Musica Viva.

imageRaleigh’s Update

The tour is going very well – it’s a pretty full on schedule and we haven’t had much free time, but it has been really rewarding playing live music for very regional towns (Bremer Bay – population 200 for example!, Scaddan PS had 30 students overall from prep to 10!). We are now in Perth for the week so the shows are up to 4 a day – 16 this week!

Something we talk about at the end of the show is Musica Viva’s instrument recycle program – I think it only exists in WA so far but MV redistributes donated instruments to schools interested in taking them – we took a drum kit for them to a very regional school on the south coast. When we visited the MV office in Perth we got to take a look at all the guitars, cellos, drums etc they have waiting for homes – what a fantastic program!

imageWe’ve performed in outdoor areas, basketball stadiums, footy clubs…it has often been to kids who might see live music once a year so it’s been an honour to be involved, and the participation of all the kids has been fantastic.

imageOff to Margaret River next week.


You can find out more about Raleigh’s music and tour here.


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