Year 9 City Week – Students Give Away Spare Change

During City Week, the Year 9’s of 2014 were not keen at first to give away spare change that could be spent on a maccas burger in the city. But once they were presented with the challenge to find three buskers that all did different things, their change was practically falling from their pockets. They were giving to the talented, ridiculous, or just slightly amusing buskers along the streets of the Melbourne cbd.

Braemar - buskerThe Braemar College students found many different buskers. There were harmonicas being played, art being created, and singers, singing their hearts out for money. However one busker caught the attention of all the students. A man dressed in two dresses, waving his self made puppets made out of sticks and fishing wire around while making up lyrics and dance moves on the spot.

He wasn’t skilled at anything he did, but he made people laugh at his goofiness. He obviously wasn’t doing too well in life at the moment judging from his appearance, so the Year 9’s really didn’t mind giving him their spare change, and hoped it would benefit him in some way. Especially since we had just come from The Big Issue talk and we all just wanted to give back to these unfortunate people.

by Sarah Evans – Year 9


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