Year 10 Work Experience – Madeline Brundell and Georgia Caggiati-Shortell

Recently, our Year 10 students undertook work experience to help them choose their career path. They had some fascinating placements and through a series of posts, will share their experiences here at the College blog.
Brundell, MadelineMadeline Brundell

I chose to do work experience at Elliott Midland Newspapers (printers of The Midland Express and The Macedon Ranges Guardian) because I like writing and I enjoy English at school, so I thought I would see what it’s like to work at a newspaper.

During my work experience I was able to listen and see interviews being conducted, conduct interviews myself, write some articles (which were published in The Guardian last Friday), learn the basic format of a newspaper and edit some writing. I enjoyed conducting the interviews and writing articles the most.

The most challenging part was being organised enough to catch the train and get to the office on time each day.

After doing work experience I am considering journalism as a career more seriously, because I had a great week and found that I really enjoyed the type of work.

Georgia Caggiati-Shortell
In the cockpit of the DC3 Melbourne's Gooney Bird

In the cockpit of the DC3 Melbourne’s Gooney Bird

I had an absolutely amazing time on work experience and learnt so much!!

I chose to do work experience at Shortstop because I love to fly, and was curious about the aviation industry, particularly the careers of the pilots and engineers.

Well what didn’t I do? I was very lucky, on my first day, first thing in the morning there was a hail storm forecast and so all the pilots were tearing around getting all the aircraft into the hangar before it hit so I was part of fixing the brakes in the cockpit and moving all the chucks (the plugs that go behind the wheels) and making sure the massive DC3 ‘ s wings didn’t hit the walls of the hangar.

On the wing of the DC3 filling the oil.

On the wing of the DC3 filling the oil.

We also spent half an hour struggling to put a cover over one of the planes. The long tendrils of the cover had to be tied under the body of the plane but thoroughly enjoyed escaping my grasp and writhing like demented snakes in the 100km winds that assaulted us out on the Tarmac- challenge and a half!!!

For the rest of the week I got to prep aircraft for flight, fuelling, filling the oil and checking tyre air pressure as well as stocking and checking all the safety components. I also spent hours learning all the different parts of the planes and how they were all different and then how they were flown which was super duper awesome!!!!

I absolutely loved the entire experience but a blinding highlight has got to be being taught how to fly The Harvard, a World War II trainer bomber plane as a part of demonstrating how lift works and how to operate the ailerons on the wings used for turning, and how to (technically) loop the loop.


Up the controls tower.

The most challenging part for me was to try and maintain a professional demeanour through the week, I’m a naturally bouncy person and bouncing around sharp bits of plane that are liable to poke you in the eye and gouge out your brains is, well, dangerous! And not just the planes…

I don’t know whether this work experience has set me firm in any career direction, I would certainly love to work in this industry, but there are so many possibilities and opportunities out there, I am still deciding, and that is not a bad thing, I don’t have to know exactly what I am meant to do for the next sixty years of my working life and I know that I’m allowed to change what I want to do.


View of the tarmac.

What I am most certain of though, is that this career is a definite possibility and for the short time I was an employee of the industry, I loved it.

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