New Zealand Theatre Comes to Braemar College

Recently, drama students in Years 9 to 12 were privileged to see a performance of BotFarm2014:Rise of the Appliances by the New Zealand Playhouse Theatre  Company.

DSC_1459BotFarm2014 was a contemporary take on George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which most students had studied in English.

BotFarm 2014 was a hugely entertaining, laugh-out-loud funny and immensely valuable theatrical experience for our students.

Through its witty use of the Big Brother TV ‘reality’ show format and its larger-than-life cartoon-style characters, the show expertly dealt with the complex themes of totalitarian political structures, social equality and the very nature of oppression and power.

Its relevance and accessibility in form, content and theatrical style, particularly for a digital age audience, were highly significant features.

Congratulations to the cast of three actors whose high energy and in-your-face comic performance skills kept the audience totally engaged through the entire break-neck pace of the 45 minute show.

Phil Sumner

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