Braemar College Teacher Attends World Harp Congress

Braemar College music teacher, Dr Frances Thiele recently attend the World Harp Congress in Sydney.
SHE Sydney Town Hall copy

The Seven Harp Ensemble who performed a piece by Ross Edwards at the opening night gala concert in the Sydney Town Hall.

The Congress is the biggest event on the harp calendar, an international conference and music festival that attracts delegates from all around the world.

Beat Wolfe Harp

The single-action 18th century replica harp played by Maria Christina Cleary

The Congress is held every three years in a different country under the auspices of the not-for-profit organisation, The World Harp Congress.

This was the first time the Congress has ever been held in Australia and Dr Thiele was on the local organising committee, acting as the Academic Co-ordinator with responsibility for all the academic and other presentations over the week.

The main Congress was held at the Four Seasons Hotel at The Rocks in Sydney and Dr Thiele, who gave a paper about harps in Colonial Australia, said, “It was an incredible and inspiring week.”

Three pieces by Australian composers for harp were premiered at the Congress. They were Harp Mantras for seven harps and didgeridoo by Ross Edwards,Windharps for ten harps by Ros Bandt, and Legends of the Old Castle for harp, winds and percussion by Lee Bracegirdle.

Maria and me small

Pictured here are Dr Thiele and Maria Christina Cleary with a triple harp at the World Harp Congress. Maria is a specialist in early harp music and played a Krumpholz concerto at the Sydney Recital Centre on single-action harp. Maria visited Braemar in June to give a presentation to the music students and a workshop for our budding harpists.


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