House Cross Country

The weather was kind to us for the Braemar College House Cross Country event held recently.

DSC_1578The sun shone and the rain and sleet stayed away.




Congratulations to Harry House who won the day.  The results were:

Harry – 1st

Farley  – 2nd

Baker – 3rd

Ward –  4th

Clyde – 5th

Darling –  6th


Congratulations to our Age Champions

Year 5

Girls – Georgia Langenberg

Boys – Matt Weber

Year 6

Girls – Elly Jackman

Boys – Brodie Buerckner

Year 7

Girls – Georgia Slattery

Boys – (Joint Champions) Luke Weber and Sebastien-Bell-Bartels

Year 8

Girls – Hollie Buerckner

Boys – Daniel Johnstone

Year 9

Girls – Jordan Athorn

Boys – Joel Ryan

Year 10

Girls – Chrestine Nielsen

Boys – Cam Dyer

Year 11

Girls – Sammi Cooke

Boys – Nick Doolan

Year 12

Girls – Claire Anderson

Boys – Thomas Wood


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