Year 8 Students Lend a Helping Hand

Braemar College Year 8 students have been using their individual interests and talents to help out in the community through a range of projects.

The projects have been initiated, created, managed and implemented by the students.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey have included things like working with the Year 5’s on an antibullying program, and knitting jumpers for penguins that have been caught in oil slicks.

Students organised a fundraising concert in Tyler Hall where they sold popcorn, frozen yoghurt and banana splits.  Profits from sales, and the gold coin donation entry fee are being used to help children in an orphanage in East Timor.

DSC05489Students visited Ivan Smith, a Kyneton resident who has raised a lot of money for East Timor, and built a school over there. He spoke about his experiences as a volunteer.

DSC05504One group has been making educational tools for the children, and Ivan will be taking these and the money to the orphanage on behalf of the students. The educational tools range from a go-kart, to an llustrated book about aboriginal mythology.

Another group has designed a sports clinic which they will conduct in Melbourne with a group of refugee children, playing with them and teaching them a range of sports.

These projects are all part of the current Year 8 PACE Program focus which is all about making the connection.






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