Year 5 – Robots Come to You

Recently our Year 5 students  had an incursion entitled ‘Robots Come to You’.

This was part of their studies this term on the history and purpose of inventions.

IMG_4158Students were very enthusiastic about the event as you can see from Georgia Langenberg’s account of the day.

Robots Come To You by Laura Twining

OMG! The Year 5’s had Kevin and Pauline over for an incursion about robots. They named themselves “Robots Come To You”.

We started with my teacher Ms Tanti and she sorted us in groups – a girl and a boy. The day was so awesome! We got to use Logi Blocks to make our moving fun parks.

We had to make three rides all in one mobile ride.

First we made the base to put it on and then we made the rides after that. Kevin showed us how to attach a spinning generator to our rides so they can move.

Just as I thought the day could not get better, Kevin and Pauline brought out a dancing robot.  His name was Eddie.  He was so… AAAAAAAWWWWWWSSSSSSOOOOMMMMEEE!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my recount.

Braemar Robots


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